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Grinder's Gear Review from December 2016: 

"What is it? WodWax is a product about the size of a travel-size bar of soap that is made of a waxy material which protects your hands and enhances grip for your CrossFit movements that involve a pull-up bar or rig. According to their site, “WodWax was created with a proprietary blend of essential oils, all selected because of their antibacterial and healing properties. Lavender Oil was selected for its use as a great deodorizer and disinfectant. Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil both have strong anti-fungal properties, making them obvious additions to the blend. Finally, Oregano Oil, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and antiseptic properties, rounds out the blend of oils chosen.”
What do I think? I don’t know if I’ve been more skeptical of a product as I was about trying WodWax. I mean, rub some wax on a pull-up bar and it is going to help with your grip and protect your hands? How is that going to work? Would the wax just make it slick? Well, as skeptical as I was, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a great product that does exactly what it claims. I used it in a workout that had both pull-ups and toes-to-bar and it worked great. Normally I would use grips for a workout like that,  but I found with the WodWax product, I didn’t need the grips and my hands didn’t tear at all.
Why do you need it? If you are tired of having to wear grips and have them on your hands from movement to movement during your workouts, this will keep your hands free and safe from rips, this is the product you’ll want to check out.
When should you use it? Any time you are doing a workout that would require a lot of movements on a pull-up bar or rig and you would normally use a ton of chalk or leather grips to protect your hands, WodWax applied to the bar, will do the trick.
How do you get it? This magic little pink bar is sold directly on the WodWax website... Each bar is supposed to last between 1 to 3 months."
Facebook Love  
"This stuff is incredible !!! No more gloves for me" - Randy C
"Shout out to WODWAX!!! Hung out with ANGIE today! 100 pullups with NO CHALK, NO GRIPS, NO RIPS!!! JUST a small blister! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!" - Brianne F
"My son brought this home from War of the WODS, and we tried it in our home gym....instant grip without being sticky. Amazing." - Joseph S
"EXCELLENT product. I have tried many different options to prevent my hands from ripping and to prevent my hands from slipping on the bar. NOTHING has even come close. Have not ripped once since using WodWax. And Joe Fontana is the best to work with when ordering. You've Got to get you some!!" - Sue T
"Seriously a game changer! Love love love your product! No need for grips or chalk at all!" - Nicole B