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Pull Up Bar Wax wodwax

Pull up bar wax was originally designed for CrossFit athletes who engage in high-repetition movements utilizing pull-up bars. Any athlete who uses a pull-up bar regularly will benefit from the use of pull up bar wax, designed to prevent hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. Enter WODWAX - an innovative, anti-bacterial pull-up bar wax that is easily applied to a pull-up bar. Before WODWAX, CrossFit athletes had previously utilized inconvenient, bulky gloves, CrossFit tape, various grips, or had to constantly re-chalk their bar. Well designed pull-up bar wax should provide just the right amount of grip balanced with the right amount of give to allow for smooth exercise repetitions and a successful workout of the day.

What is pull up bar wax?

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Pull-up bar wax is an anti-bacterial grip enhancer that can be applied to pull-up bars. The main purpose of applying an antibacterial pull-up bar wax, like WODWAX, is to prevent the athlete’s hands from ripping and allow for a nice balance of stick and give. This enhances the quality and comfort of the athlete’s workout. Further, the anti-bacterial properties of pull-up bar wax are increasingly necessary for today’s society in light of the recent world events. It reduces the extra stress of hand-sanitizing and equipment cleanliness in gym spaces. More specifically, WODWAX was designed for CrossFit athletes who’s workout of the day prescriptions often involve high-repetition movements utilizing a pull-up bar.

How does pull up bar wax protect your hands?


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Pull-up bar wax protects your hands from ripping by creating a protective layer of wax between the skin and pull-up bar. The wax is applied directly to the bar, including the areas where the athlete will spend a majority of their contact time with the pull-up bar. WODWAX increases the grip of the bar, allowing for more repetitions and intensity in the athlete’s workout. Pull-up bar wax also facilitates just enough ‘give’, so the workout can be completed efficiently and at a high standard. WODWAX also has antibacterial properties, meaning it kills leftover bacteria from sweat and cuts that may be on the pull-up bar.

How to apply pull up bar wax

Pull up bar wax comes in a bar form, that can be applied directly to a pull up bar.  It is extremely simple to use and reduces the complications and frustrations often encountered when using CrossFit Tape, chalk, or gloves.

To Use:

  1. Rub the pull up bar wax directly onto a clean pull up bar, specifically in two 4”-5” sections where you will be placing your hands, and therefore have the most contact time with the bar.
  2. Apply the pull up bar wax generously on the top half and back of the bar where your hands and fingers will make contact
  3. Continue to apply until the wax forms bumps.
  4. Go and crush that workout of the day!


Important: Remember to reapply a fresh coat of pull up bar wax before each WOD.

Why is pull up bar better than chalk?

Pull Up Bar Wax wodwax

Pull up bar wax, more specifically WODWAX was designed to eliminate the need for chalk. Chalk is inconvenient, requiring constant re-application after repetitions, which can be disrupting and distracting during a workout. Further, using a pull up bar wax is more sanitary than chalk given its antibacterial properties. This is essential in today’s gym environment. WODWAX is also cheaper and less messy than using chalk - two extra worries which are eliminated so you can focus on crushing your WOD!

“Really love this wax so far. My new pull up bar in the garage is very slippery but a nice layer of wod wax really helps create a better grip. It works better than chalk in my opinion. I had visited a gym a few years ago that had this product so I decided to buy some for myself. Glad I did!” - Allison T.

Often CrossFit athletes will complain about the surface changes to the pull up bar over time, due to constant use of chalk, which smooths the bar out. Pull up bar wax does not affect the surface of the bar at all, and works well on both worn down and newer pull up bars.

Replacing gloves, tape and chalk with pull up bar wax

Replacing gloves, tape, and chalk with pull up bar wax is the best thing you can do for your own comfort during a workout, and for the longevity of your pull up bar. The quality of a pull-up bar surface will degrade over time if the athlete continually uses gloves, tape, or chalk. Pull up bar wax does not damage the bar surface at all. This is essential as surface changes over time due to pitting and use will inevitably occur.  

Gloves and grips are prone to bunching up, and often athletes experience discomfort with the ‘fatter’ feeling of the bar in their hands. This often leads to grip fatigue and/or slippage. Tape specifically takes a while to put on and tends to roll and bunch up in the CrossFit style of workouts - high reps and high intensity.  Chalk, as we discussed earlier, is prone to making a mess, damages the pull up bar surface, and dries out hands. This increases the likelihood of skin ripping and calluses forming on the athlete’s hands.

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