Crossfit Calluses

Calluses in Crossfit have always been an inevitable part of the process for Crossfit athletes. Whether you’re a total beginner or a Crossfit athlete, you’re going to have to deal with calluses. Crossfit hand calluses are often huge, sore, and will end up ripping off when you apply more pressure as you continue your Crossfit journey.

How do you get rid of calluses from CrossFit?

Getting rid of calluses from CrossFit isn't an easy process. Holding the bar properly in the first place can stop the worst of them from forming, but you’ll still have some to deal with. Some people shave off their calluses, but they inevitably come back when you continue with your WODs. This means that the process never quite ends and you’re going to keep getting calluses and then having to shave them off. You can also try wearing gloves, but doing that in a CrossFit gym could get you some strange looks to say the least. Those who do end up wearing gloves find that it helps and increases their grip strength, but gloves aren't sanitary and can’t be shared with everyone.

CrossFit Callus Protection

With Wodwax applied to the bar, you can avoid getting calluses in the first place. The wax is applied directly to the bar to give a barrier between your palms and the metal, and this stops the friction that can cause and rip calluses. The special wax stops the bar from being too slippy and is better than tape as it can easily be removed and used time and time again, unlike tape that gets dirty over time and is difficult to remove. If you’re looking for how to avoid calluses in crossfit, Wodwax is the only solution that provides protection and prevents calluses right from the get-go. Wodwax can be used with just about any bar exercise, including pull ups, knees to elbows, and more.

Crossfit Calluses Remover

Wodwax is the best hand callus remover for crossfit. It not only stops the calluses you have from ripping open and causing problems, but stops new calluses from forming and provides protection in the long run. There’s no solution quite like this one when it comes to combating calluses.

Crossfit Callus Remover Bar

Wodwax comes in a unique bar format that you can apply directly to the bar to stop friction, calluses forming, and painful rips that can take time to heal and reduce the ability to workout and do certain exercises. The great thing about the wax is that anybody can use it and it can be shared throughout the box hygienically and easily. It also comes off the bar easily, unlike tape. The product is extremely simple and anybody in the box can use it to help increase their grip, lifts, and workout output. It’s a wonderful product for anybody looking to work harder or simply feel more comfortable as they work out.

Callus Shaver for CrossFit

Many Crossfitters see calluses as a rite of passage, and don’t think there’s anything they can do to get rid of them or stop them from happening altogether. Many end up looking at how to shave calluses in crossfit, but this is usually not the best solution. Calluses will always come back, and shaving them off will be a lengthy process that you have to continue as long as you keep on getting calluses. Turns out the best crossfit callus shaver could actually be Wodwax. You won’t need to shave your calluses at all, you’ll simply apply the wax to the bar before starting your set and you’ll notice improved grip, less slipping, and will also likely feel able to do a higher number of reps. With continued use, you’ll keep calluses at bay and any calluses you currently have will disappear.

Treat Calluses Hands CrossFit

Treating calluses will ensure that your hands look presentable again and that you can continue your WODs comfortably. Calluses can look dry at best, and bloody and ripped at their worst. Nobody wants to deal with them for a prolonged period of time. Start caring for your hands and reducing calluses now by using wodwax, and check out our other resources to help you. With proper care, you’ll make your calluses disappear altogether and improve your Crossfit performance tenfold.

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