CrossFit Bar Wax

Are you tired of missing workouts because of ripped hands? 

Tape leaves a sticky mess and constantly applying chalk is tedious, not to mention that you often need to reapply it during one set. 

But, the CrossFit bar wax is a convenient alternative that can help you increase your grip strength and make your workouts longer. Keep on reading to find out why CrossFit bar wax is the most innovative solution on the market for savvy cross-fitters. 

What Is CrossFit Bar Wax?

Crossfit Bar Wax is a wax-based product developed to increase grip and workout efficiency. In order to perfect their workout, CrossFit athletes use a number of products including gloves, various grips, and tapes. However, they rarely provide maximum comfort during workouts. Tapes create a sticky mess, gloves are sweaty, and chalk makes your callouses prone to tearing. 

CrossFit bar wax has a formula that was developed with athletes in mind, and to specifically address all these problems. Aside from wax, CrossFit bar wax is made with resin and a blend of essential oils, all selected because of their antibacterial and healing properties.

The CrossFit bar wax creates a protective layer of wax between your palm and the pull-up bar. This layer keeps your hands from ripping and slipping on the pull-up bar. Unlike gloves that sweat your hands and make the pull-up bar feel fatter in your hands, CrossFit bar wax reduces the friction between the hand and the bar so you can make more repetitions.

This particular bar wax provides a great grip and allows your palms to move just enough so your skin doesn’t tear. If you need a product that will help you stay longer on the pull-up bar, then you’ll love CrossFit bar wax. 

Last but not least, CrossFit Bar Wax has antibacterial properties that protect your hands from the bacteria left on the pull-up bars. 

How to Apply CrossFit Bar Wax?

One of the reasons why athletes prefer bar wax over other solutions on the market is because it’s easy to apply and you’ll be done in a minute. Just follow our short instructions and you’re sure to get a stronger grip the next time you hit the gym.

  • Rub the bar wax directly on a clean bar in  4" - 5", in the areas where your hands will go. Apply the bar wax to each section for about 30 seconds.
  • Make sure to apply a thick layer on the entire top half of the pull-up bar and the bottom part. These are the spots where your fingers will make the most contact with the bar.
  • Once the wax starts to form bumps, you’re done!

If you want to remove the bar wax from the bar, just take a plastic credit card and scrape it off the bar.

Why Is CrossFit Bar Wax Better Than Chalk?

Athletes usually use chalk to prevent sweaty hands and get a harder grip. However, chalk does not deliver on its promise in all cases. 

For example, if a bar is slippery, chalk can cause grip fatigue and ripped hands. Over time, your health may also suffer from chalk dust inhalation. Although chalk is generally considered to be non-toxic, it does accumulate in your respiratory system, and overexposure can lead to long-term health problems. When used excessively, chalk can also dry out the skin on your palms. Here are additional reasons why we believe CrossFit bar wax is a much more innovative solution for CrossFit athletes.

  • Less clean up
  • Using chalk will get your gym floor and equipment dirty every time. Cleaning this mess can be a tedious business as you’ll need to clean your equipment and the floor thoroughly every time. Plus, many athletes admit that they use the mess chalk makes as an excuse to take a break and make fewer reps.

  • Don’t have to reapply for each rep
  • Unlike chalk, which requires constant reapplication, CrossFit bar wax stays on the bar longer. Reapplication is much less frequent so you won’t be forced to take breaks between workouts.

  • Doesn’t make the bar smooth over time
  • CrossFit bar wax keeps the section of the bar where you place your hands dry. A smooth bar can cause slippage, which in some cases can be dangerous, particularly for beginners.

    Replacing Gloves, Tape, and Chalk With CrossFit Bar Wax

    Not only does the CrossFit bar wax create maximum comfort during workouts, but it also extends the life of your pull up bar. When gloves, tapes, and chalk are used constantly and excessively they can damage the bar surface over time and make it even more slippery. CrossFit bar wax, on the other hand, is a mix of wax and essential oils that won’t damage your bar. 

    Another common issue athletes face is a feeling of discomfort when the pull-up bar feels fatter in their hands. That’s usually the case when using gloves and grips during workouts. This increases the likelihood of grip fatigue. CrossFit bar wax offers more grip and more reps by creating a balance of stick and give. It helps you maintain your grip while protecting your hands from ripping and calluses.

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