5 Most Common CrossFit Open Movements

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Crossfit Open Movements to Master

If you’re a CrossFit enthusiast, then you’re probably preparing yourself to take part in the CrossFit Open. It’s also quite likely that you obsess about which exercises are going to be part of the CrossFit Open competition this year. As you probably know, the competition is made up of five workouts, announced weekly over five weeks, usually begging in February. 

In this article, we’re going to share simple step-by-step instructions for the most common CrossFit Open movements so you can master your technique on time.

Toes to Bar

Toes to bar is a challenging exercise that increases strength and control. It tackles a number of muscle groups including the abdominal and hip muscles.

To perform the toes to bar movement, follow these steps:

  • Start by hanging on the bar with your arms extended. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. The thumbs can be wrapped or unwrapped.
  • The head should be cradled in between the biceps.
  • Initiate a movement by making a swing with your shoulders.
  • As you lift your toes to the bar, squeeze your glutes, thighs, and legs.
  • Make an effort to keep your body in a straight line by pressing your legs together and pointing your toes forward. If you’re a beginner, ask for assistance.
  • In order to kick the bar, make one final effort to kick the toes towards the bar.

Chest to Bar

Chest to the bar is an exercise that requires the effective use of your arm and back muscles. This movement increases grip strength and endurance. It’s an excellent exercise if you want to work on your biceps, abdominals, and hip muscles.

To perform the chest to bar movement, follow these steps:

  • Jump up and grip the bar. Hang on the bar with your hands just a little wider than your shoulder width. 
  • Initiate the swing with your shoulders by moving into an arch position. 
  • Keep your legs straight and maintain tension. Put your hand forward as if you’re looking through a window. 
  • Now, alternate between arched and hollow position. Lift your feet towards the bar while pressing your arms down. Make sure your arms are straight and extended.
  • As you move your body towards the bar, your hips will extend. Now, pull your arms until the chest contacts the bar. The bar should be in line with your collarbone.
  • Now push away from the bar and you’ll be ready for the next rep.


The muscle-up is one of the most challenging exercises for beginners. It takes a lot of strength and practice to master the movement because the body needs to go through both pulling and pushing movements. To put it more simply, the muscle-up is transitioning your body from a pull-up to a dip, and to perform it, you need solid core strength. Raw strength and kinesthetic awareness are vital for performing muscle-ups correctly.

To perform a muscle-up, follow these steps:

  • Start by placing your hands just outside shoulder-width in a false grip.
  • Hang with your arms extended. Pull yourself up (chin to the bar) and lean back as much as possible.
  • Once your body contacts the bar, lean forward and push your elbows back.
  • Press your hands down to make a complete arm extension in the support position.
  • Drop back down in the hanging position and then repeat the movement.


The thruster is a popular exercise that is practiced by both CrossFit athletes and martial artists.  Think of it as a combination of a front squat and an overhead press. It helps you develop muscle endurance and a strong core. Plus, it improves your balance and coordination. 

To perform a thruster, follow these steps:

  • Hold the barbell with an overhand grip. Both your hands and feet should be shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Lift the barbell up to your collarbone. Then push your elbows underneath the barbell.
  • Tighten your core and expand your chest as your body moves into a squat position.
  • Make sure your glutes are parallel to the ground, as though you’re sitting.
  • Now push your elbows up as quickly as possible and return to standing.
  • Once your hips are in alignment for standing, squeeze your glutes, press your heels into the floor, and push the barbell over your head.
  • Extend your head forward, straighten your arms, and once again lower the bar to the collarbone. It’s best to repeat the movement in a continuous motion.

Double Unders

Double-under, also known as dubs, is an exercise done with a jump rope in which the rope passes under the feet twice. The tricky part about this is exercise is that the speed of the jump remains the same, while the rope moves quicker to execute multiple turns in just one jump. This is an excellent exercise for CrossFit athletes that want to develop speed, balance, and agility coordination. 

To perform a double under, follow these steps:

  • Place your hands in front of your hips. Keep your elbows close to the body.
  • Jump a few inches off the ground. Your torso should remain straight. 
  • Control the movement of the rope with your wrists. Spin your wrists quickly so the rope can pass under the feet twice.
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