Tips for Crossfit Open Workout 16.3

Tips for Crossfit Open Workout 16.3

Hey all!  We hope everyone is having a great Open this year!

This being our first entry ever... Let me first apologize for being extremely late to the party.

These past three workouts  in the Crossfit Open 2016 have been very bar intensive and we hope everyone is keeping their hands safe with WodWax!!!

As a coach, I've had many people ask me about strategies for the Open workouts. There's a lot of information out there from some very credible sources, regarding tips to help you improve your score in these Open workouts.

Check out these tips from William Imbo at Box Life Magazine.

Here's some more from Tabata Times.

Here are a ton of videos on tips from around the web compiled by Break Parallel.

Our two cents:

  1. Maintain proper form on snatches.  Although the weight is light, power snatch just as you would with any other weight.
  2. Be conscious of your grip, as this will likely be the first thing that fatigues.  If you're comfortable with a hook-grip, use it!
  3. If you're unsure if today is going to be the day for your first muscle-up, give it a shot!!!  Try a couple in the warm up and see what you can do.  It's only a 7 minute workout.  If you have to restart as scaled, it's no big deal.
  4. Remember.... You're doing this for fun!!!!  The open is only one more test to see where you're at on your adventure to becoming fitter and healthier.

Good luck and happy training!

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